The Building Heritage Centre Piiru

Tahmelan Huvila Pyhäjärveltä käsin
Äiti ja lapsi Tahmelan Huvilan tapahtumassa
Tahmelan Huvilan tapahtumayleisöä ja esiintyjä

The Building Heritage Centre Piiru and its surroundings are a good place to visit for everyone interested in old wooden houses and their renovation with traditional techniques and materials. Piiru is a permanent learning environment for sustainable and conservative renovation construction. As an old timber floater’s house, the renovated building has also played a part in the history of the City of Tampere’s timber rafting.

Today, Piiru hosts a wide range of events, lectures, and courses. Piiru has a permanent exhibition about its renovation. Visitors can discover the exhibition independently and scan the available QR-codes to have deeper understanding of Piiru´s renovation process in each room. There is a wide range of videos available on our YouTube channel to watch and see different phases and materials that were used during the renovation of the Timber Floater’s House.

Tampere Building Heritage Association Piiru was established 2012 and its very first task was to renovate Timber Floater’s House. Piiru is also managing the Tahmelan Huvila, cultural center located in beautiful old villa next to Pyhäjärvi.


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